Have your say

The recent debates about funding, charitable status, cheating and other topics may have left you itching to have your say on what the ECF is up to at the moment.

It genuinely does help me to hear the views of the chessplayers the ECF serves, so if you have any comments or questions, please do get in touch.  My e-mail address is chief.executive@englishchess.org.uk.

As an alternative, I’m pleased to report that I’m being allowed out in public again to see if I can still remember how to move the pieces.  You’ll be able to find me at the following events:

  • Exmouth (22-25 April)
  • 4NCL (30 April or 1 May) – not playing, but I’ll be visiting on one of the days
  • Worcestershire Megafinal, UK Land Chess Challenge (8 May)
  • Rhyl (13-15 May)
  • Cheltenham (28-30 May)

Feedback is always welcome, or just come and say hello.  It can be a lonely journey down towards bottom board, so I’m always happy to chat!

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