U19 Open

The National Schools Under 19 Chess Championships 2016/17 sponsored by Winchester College

13 teams have so far qualified for the national finals, with the remaining 3 places to be decided on 23rd April at Eton College.

National Final: Uppingham School, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th July 2017
Qualifiers: City of London School; The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School; Hampton School; The Judd School; King Edward VI GS Chelmsford; King Edward’s School Birmingham; Nottingham High School; Queen Elizabeth’s School  Barnet; Reading School; Royal Grammar School Guildford; Sir Thomas Rich’s School; Wellington College; Wilson’s School; Winchester College; Wirral Grammar School for Boys; Yarm School.

The timetable is as follows:

Wednesday 5th July 2017
12 noon – Arrival
12.30 to 1.30 pm – Lunch
2.00 pm – Round 1
5.00 pm – Round 2
7.30 pm – Evening meal
8.30 to 10.00 pm  – optional Blitz tournament
(3 mins + 2 secs a move)
Open to accompanying adults as well as players!

Thursday 6th July
8.00 am – Breakfast
9.00 am – Round 3
12 noon – Lunch
1.00 pm – Round 4
3.45 pm – Prize giving
4.00pm – Depart

Final Repechage

For qualifying teams knocked out in the Regional Competition
Eton College, Sunday 23rd April 2017
Registration from 10.15 am, play starts at 11.00 am, finishes about 5.00 pm.
For more information and entry form please contact manager.secondary@englishchess.org.uk
Results in summary
Qualifiers: Hampton School 7/8, Wellington College 5/8, KES Birmingham 6/10
Other participants: Eton College 5/10, Eltham College 4/8, ACS Egham 2/8, QEH Bristol 1/8

U19 Regions Spring 2017 – winning teams shown in bold, * denotes win on Board Count

Round 1: Yarm A  3; Hymers College and Yarm B 1.5; John Spence 0
Final: Yarm School w/o Manchester GS w/d

North West
Round 1: 
Urmston Grammar School  6 – 0 Kirkbie Kendal School; Wirral Grammar School for Boys 4-2 Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
Round 2: Bolton School Boys’   1.5-4.5 Urmston Grammar School; King’s School Chester 2.5 – 3.5 Wirral Grammar School for Boys
Wirral GS 3 – 3 Urmston GS*

Round 1 Nottingham High School A 6 – 0 Nottingham High School B
Round 2: Stamford 1 – 5 Nottingham High AKing Edward’s 6 – 0 Queensbridge
Final: Nottingham High 5 – 1 King Edward’s

West Country
Round 1:
Churchill Academy 2-4 Bristol GS; Exeter School 0.5-5.5 Torquay Boys’ GS; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital* 3-3 Chepstow
Round 2: Bristol GS 0-6 Sir Thomas Rich’s; Torquay Boys’ GS 3 – 3 QEH*
Final: Sir Thomas Rich’s
3.5 – 2.5 Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital

Hants and Borders
Round 1: 
Guildford County School 1.5-4.5  Wellington College; Winchester College ‘C’ 0.5-5.5  RGS Guildford ‘B’; Yateley Manor 1-5  Winchester College ‘B’
Round 2:
Winchester College B 1.5 – 4.5 Winchester College A; RGS Guildford ‘B’ 1.5 – 4.5 Wellington College
Wellington College 2.5 – 3.5 Winchester College

Round 1: Judd A
6-0 Judd B; Simon Langton w/o – def Sevenoaks; Tonbridge 2.5-3.5 Skinners; Beech Grove 3-3 Kings Canterbury*
Round 2: Skinners  0-6 Judd; Kings Canterbury 1-5 Simon Langton
 Simon Langton BGS 2 – 4 Judd

SE London and East
Round 1:
 Woodbridge 0 – 6 KEGS, Chelmsford; Southend 1  – 5  Eltham College
 Eltham College 2.5 – 3.5 KEGS, Chelmsford

Round 1: 
Horris Hill School 3.5 – 2.5 Radley College; Byes: Abingdon, Aylesbury GS, Reading
Round 2: Aylesbury Grammar School 0 – 6 Reading School; Horris Hill School 2.5 – 3.5 Abingdon School
 Abingdon School 2 – 4 Reading School

North London (I)
Round 1:
  Highgate School 5 – 1 Archer Academy
Round 2:  Highgate School 0.5 – 5.5 Mill Hill County High SchoolHaberdashers’ Aske’s A 5-1 North London Collegiate
Final: Mill Hill County High School 0.5 – 5.5 Haberdashers’ Aske’s A   

North London (II)
Round 1:
Fortismere School 2-4 The Hall; University College School 4.5-1.5 North Bridge House
Round 2: Queen Elizabeth’s, Barnet 5.5 – 0.5 University College School; The Hall 2.5-3.5 Haberdashers’ Aske’s B
Final: Haberdashers’ Aske’s B v1.5 – 4.5 Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet

West and Central London
Round 1: Graveney School 2 – 4 King’s College Junior SchoolDulwich College* 3 – 3 Westminster Under School A;  Westminster Under School B 1½ – 4½ City of London School
Round 2:
 King’s College Junior School 2-4 Hampton SchoolCity of London School (Boys) 4.5-1.5 Dulwich College
Final: Hampton School 2 – 4 City of London School (Boys) 

South West and West London (I)
Round 1 
Wilson’s B 4 – 2 Wilson’s D; Reigate 6 – 0 Eton College B
Round 2 Trinity 3.5 – 2.5 Wilson’s B; Reigate GS 0 – 6 RGS Guildford
RGS Guildford 4 – 2 Trinity

South West and West London (II)
Round 1: 
Wilson’s C 5 – 1 Wilson’s E
Round 2: Wilson’s A 5 – 1 Wilson’s C; ACS Egham 0.5 – 5.5 Eton College A
Eton College A 2.5 – 3.5  Wilson’s A

Afternoon Qualifying Events

These events normally have 3 rounds, and the time limit is typically 20 mins for all moves or a ‘Fischer’ increment equivalent.
Each event should last about 2½ hours. Most events are limited to a maximum of 8 teams.
Team who score 2 wins (or one win and 2 draws) or better qualify for the Regional Stage in the Spring Term.

School – Tonbridge School TN9 1JP
Date and time – Tuesday 1st November 4:00pm
Qualifiers: The Judd A 6/6; The Judd B; Tonbridge A; The Skinners’ School all 4/6
Other participants: Tonbridge B; Beech Grove Academy; Basildon Upper Academy A and B

School – Winchester College  SO23 9NA
Date and time – Tuesday 8th November 4.30-7.00pm
Qualifiers: Winchester B 6/6; Horris Hill 4/6; Winchester C and Radley College
Other participants: Highcliffe School and Winchester D

School – Wilson’s School SM6 9JW 
Date and time – Wednesday 9th November 4.00-6.30pm
Qualifiers: Wilson’s C 6/6; Graveney School 4/6; Trinity School
Other participants: St Andrew’s Catholic School, A and B;

School – Bolton School BL1 4PA
Date and time – Wednesday, 9th November, 1pm.
Qualifiers: Bolton School A 6/6; Kirkbie Kendal School A; Urmston Grammar; Altrincham Grammar School for Boys all 4/6
Other participants: Bolton School B; Kirkbie Kendal School B; King’s School Macclesfield

School – Bristol GS BS8 1SR
Date and time – Monday 14th November 4.00-6.30pm
Qualifiers: Sir Thomas Rich’s A 6/6; Churchill Academy A; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital; Bristol GS A 4/6
Other participants: Hereford Cathedral School; Sir Thomas Rich’s B; Churchill B

The U19 Bristol Heat of ECF National School’s Chess Championships was held at Bristol GS after school on Monday 14th November. 9 schools took part and Sir Thomas Rich A were clearly the strongest team, winning all three games convincingly. They, along with the 3 runners up: Churchill Academy A; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital; Bristol GS A, qualify for the regional stage of the championships to take place in the Spring term | pictures here

School – King’s College School Junior Section, SW19 4TT
Date and time – Monday 14th November 4.30-7.00pm
Qualifiers: King’s College School Junior Section and Westminster Under School A 5/6; Westminster Under School B 4/6
Other participants: King’s Wimbledon, Harris Academy Morden; Wimbledon College

School – John Spence Community High School NE29 9PU
Date and time – Tuesday 15th November, 2.00pm 
Qualifiers: Yarm School A 10/10; John Spence A and Yarm School B  7/10
Other participants: John Spence  B and C; Longridge Towers, Berwick-upon-Twee

School – Torquay Boys GS TQ2 7EL 
Date and time – Tuesday 15th November 
Qualifiers: Torquay Boys A; Exeter School
Other participants: Torquay Boys B; Teignmouth Community School; Clyst Vale Community College

School – Haberdasher’s Askes’ WD6 3AF
Date and time – Wednesday 16th November 2.00-4.00pm
Qualifiers: Haberdasher’s Askes’ B and University College School 5/6; Aylesbury Grammar School; Archer Academy
Other participants: Mill Hill County High School B; St Mary Magdalene Academy; St. John’s Senior School A and B; 

School – RGS Guildford GU1 3BB 
Date and time – Wednesday 16th November 4.00-7.00pm
Qualifiers: RGS Guildford B 6/6; ACS Egham; Guildford County School A 4/6
Other participants: RGS Guildford C and D; Guildford County School B; Bishop Luffa Church of England School

School – Nottingham High School NG7 4ED 
Date and time – Tuesday 22nd November 4:15 start
Qualifiers: Nottingham High School B 6/6; Stamford Endowed Schools 4/6
Other participants: Nottingham High School C 6/6; The Kings School, Grantham; 

School – Wilson’s School Repechage SM6 9JW 
Date and time – Saturday 3rd December 2.00-5.00pm
Qualifiers: Wilson’s D and E; Beech Grove Academy;
Other participants: Bishop Luffa Church of England School;  Wimbledon College; Wilson’s F

Teams to play in leagues
North London: Qualified North Bridge House; Fortismere School; Highgate School 
Essex and Suffolk: Qualified: Woodbridge School; Southend High School For Boys; Other Participants: Forest School
Surrey/Berks border: Qualified: Yateley Manor A Other Participants: Yateley Manor B; St Catherine’s, Bramley
Wirral: Qualified: Wirral GS; Other Participants: Notre Dame Catholic College;  King’s School, Chester B
Kent: Qualified: The King’s School, Canterbury
West London: Qualified: Eton College B
Birmingham: Qualified: Queensbridge School
Yorkshire: Qualified: Hymers College

Already Qualified and Entered
Last years finalists: King’s School, Chester A; Hampton School; The Manchester Grammar School; Winchester College; City of London School (Boys); Eltham College; Reading School; Wellington College; RGS Newcastle A; Royal Grammar School Guildford A; Dulwich College; Nottingham High School A; King Edward VI Grammar School; Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School A; Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet

Total Grade of 750 or more: Wilson’s School A; Abingdon School; Mill Hill County High School A; North London Collegiate; Sevenoaks School

Eton Rapidplay: Wilson’s School B; Chepstow; Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys; The Hall; Reigate GS; King Edward School, Birmingham


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