U11 Girls

The National Schools Girls’ Under 11 Chess Championships 2017/18 sponsored by St Catherine’s Bramley

Southern Semi-Finals results —

Qualifiers – Guildford High A, Castleview, Guildford High B, North London Collegiate B, North London Collegiate A, North London Collegiate C, Heathside

Northern Semi-Finals results —

Winners – RGS Newcastle

The finals will be held over the weekend of 7th/8th April 2018 at St Catherine’s School

Read Andrew Martin’s Chess News article about the Girls’ Southern Semi-Final here

Full results of the Southern Semi-Final 2018 — from Sue Lalic and Graeme Buckley

Guildford High School A 13.5
Castleview 13
Guildford High School B, North London Collegiate B 12
North London Collegiate A 11.5
North London Collegiate C, Heathside 11
Brookfield, NLC D 10.5; Putney A, Wimbledon High B Tormead A 10; Sutton High Stars, Wimbledon High A, Abbey Junior, St. Dunstan’s A, Amherst, Oxford High, Headington Prep, NLC E, NLC F 9; Walthamstow Hall A 8.5; Walthamstow Hall B, Sutton High Rooks, Devonshire, Yateley Manor A, St. Catherine’s A 8; Sutton High Warriors, Heatherside, Putney High D, Putney High E, St. Joseph’s A, St. Catherine’s B 7.5; NLC H, St. Joseph’s B, Putney High F, Wimbledon High C, GHS C, Heathside B, NLC G, St. Nicholas Fleet 7; Wimbledon High D, Sutton High Megas, Tormead B, GHS D 6.5; Sutton High Knights, Sutton High Bishops, NLC J, Sutton High Queens 6; NLC I, Putney High B, Putney High C 5.5; St. Dunstan’s B 5; St. Catherine’s D, St. Catherine’s E, Heathside C 4; Tormead C, Tormead D, St. Catherine’s C 3.5; Headington Prep B 3; Yateley Manor B 2.5 

Entrants [23/11/17]
RGS Newcastle; Clevelands Prep School; St William of York Catholic Primary; Nottingham Girls High School; Aughton St Michaels
St Catherine’s Bramley; Yateley Manor School; Edgeborough School; Tormead School; Walthamstow Hall Junior School; Castleview Primary School; Sutton High Junior School; Putney High School; Wimbledon High School; St Dunstans Primary; Devonshire Primary School; Guildford High School; Brook Field Primary School; North London Collegiate School; St Josephs Catholic Primary School; St Nicholas School; Amherst School; Headington Preparatory School; Heatherside Junior School; Heathside Prep; Oxford High School Juniors

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