Team Chess Challenge – finals held at Imperial College, London 29th March 2017

For the fourth time since the inauguration of the competition in 2014, the ECF held the finals of its Schools’ Team Challenge in the Maths Learning Centre at Imperial College, London. This event, the brainchild of ECF Secondary Schools’ Chess Manager, Neill Cooper, is aimed at stimulating secondary schools chess where little or no chess activity has been detected and is certainly having an impact with some of the regional qualifying tournaments attracting over a dozen teams to an event which can be run during a single afternoon or after-school session. [more]

Team Problem Solving Final at Imperial College – 29/3/17

Six teams arrived at Imperial from all parts of the country. On arrival they were presented with a selection of chess problems as a warm-up for the serious business to be attempted in the afternoon. Former World Champion problem solver Jonathan Mestel (double GM) entertained the problem solvers and the Senior Team Challenge participants with a talk about some complex problems (from his article in The Problemist). He explained clearly about the systematic way of analysing and solving the positions. Clearly a talented speaker he kept an audience of 100 young chess players entranced for over an hour. An excellent lunch followed and the teams got down to the serious business of the day [more]

Girls’ Finals – held at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, Surrey 1st/2nd April 2017

Click here (U19) and here (U11)

The Inaugural NSCC Blitz

The inaugural Individual and Team Blitz were held at The King’s School, Grantham on Saturday 18th March 2017. Five-minute chess has long been popular but with the advent of digital clocks and increments, games of three minutes plus two seconds a move are possible with fast, furious and fun results! Both the Individual Blitz held in the morning and the Team Blitz which took place in the afternoon led to exciting chess played in a very good spirit with very few interventions necessary for the arbiters, Phill Beckett, Oliver Graham and John Swain. Under Blitz rules, once the clock is pressed, an illegal move can end the game, providing the opponent notices! [more]

Sponsored by Winchester College and St Catherine’s School, Bramley