Chess Skills Exchange – Jan/Feb 2018

Please read the following, and get in touch with me if your school, club or junior organisation is interested …
Traci Whitfield, Director of Junior Chess and Education Email:

My name is Dongmei Augur, and I am a director of Holistic Education Services.  Our role is to help Chinese students find the right place at a British School, College or University and then to care for the students whilst there are here as their UK-based guardian. In addition, we help Chinese school students and different special interest clubs to organise summer and winter camp trips in UK.

We have recently been approached by a client in Shenyang with a very different and unique set of needs.  Our client is from a large Chinese chess club, and they would like to bring a group of around 15 –20 primary school age students (age 7+) to the UK for a chess skills exchange and the organisation of, and participation in, a small friendly competition with British junior students in the end of January and February 2018. The Chinese students’ chess level is intermediate. We are now try to contact a small number of chess clubs, academies and competition organisers in the UK in order to ascertain levels of interest, feasibility, and costs associated with organising such an event.

We think this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring young Chinese and British chess players together so that they may experience different cultures, make new international friends in a safe social setting, and learn and improve from their time spent together at the chess board …


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