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Round 9 European Youth 2015

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series EYCC 2015

England players relax after the event by hosting a blitz for Denmark & Scotland

4.5/11 for England in the final round of the 2015 European Youth Championships. Wins for Elizaveta and Stephen , with 5 draws.

From arrival to departure this has been an harmonious trip. The children,  coaches and parents have worked very well together and our Head of Delegation, Bernard Klingher, has put a great deal of hard work in to ensure that this happened.

We have a nice evening planned now, socializing with teams from other countries. I’m sure there will be plenty of blitz played and friends made.

We would have liked better results, but this was a very young, inexperienced team. To get stronger at chess takes time. They gave 100% and that is all one can do.

Final thanks must go to all at the ECF who made this trip happen and to our supporters at home.

Andrew Martin

Round 8 European Youth 2015

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series EYCC 2015

Round 8 was very tough for the uncompromising English players and we scored 3/11. Wins for Anum, Tristian and Stephan. No draws.

This seems like a good moment to start thanking people, so I will start with the Croatian organisers, who have done an excellent job looking after us, both at the hotel and at the tournament hall.

The last round starts at 1.30pm tomorrow.

Andrew Martin

Round 7 European Youth 2015

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England put up a splendid score of 7.5/11 in Round 7 of the European Youth Chess Championships. Wins for Dominic, Elizaveta, Zoe, Arjun, Bobby, Karthik and Stephen, plus a draw for Tristian, makes for a happy party this evening. Early to bed though, as there are still plenty of points to be scored in the last two rounds.

This evening I will present to you a Tal-like game, played by young Arjun Kolani, where he literally dazzles his opponent with a series of sacrifices. The critical point comes late on, when 28…Qc5 was a distinct improvement on 28…Bg8??, but let’s just admire the imagination of the young man, who thoroughly deserved his win.

Andrew Martin

Round 6 European Youth 2015

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series EYCC 2015

Anum awaits Round 6

Round 6 was a difficult one for the English players. Outrated in most cases, we managed 2.5/10, plus a bye for Stephen Whatley.

Make no mistake, this is a very tough event. If we take a look at performance ratings, we find that despite our overall score of 29/66 , six of the party are gaining rating points and in some cases, are making a substantial gain. The girls are doing especially well, currently gaining 140 points between them!

So it is far from doom and gloom. We are working hard and the mood is good. We are very pleased by all the support at home.

We carry this forward into round seven

Andrew Martin

Round 5 European Youth 2015

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series EYCC 2015

Another excellent day for England, scoring 6.5/11 and a big positive to take into the rest day. The team is starting to fire and the games are exciting.

Wins today for Anum, Dominic, George, Arjun and Elizaveta and draws for Karthik, Tristian and Aaravamuthan ensured that we are in good spirits this evening.

Tomorrow we are hoping that everyone will take the opportunity to chill out. Although the organisers have kindly laid on a variety of excursions, I see them as a diversion which should be avoided. Relax locally, rest and recharge and come back strong in Round Six. The focus should be 100% chess.

Andrew Martin