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Glorney 2016 – pictures

Glorney – Round Five report

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— from Tim Wall

Gilbert girls triumph, and a dramatic finish in the Robinson

The morning of the final round dawned bright and sunny again, and the entire England squad posed for team photos before the off.

Our Gilbert Rooks team were already uncatcheable in the Girls Under 18, while the Robinson Rooks had a tough battle with the Irish to decide the winners of the Open Under 14s. A score of 3.5-2.5 would be enough to win the title, but 3-3 would give Ireland their second successive Robinson win.

All eyes were on this Robinson clash, but as the Digital Game Timer live boards were allocated to cover the Welsh team in Round 5 (according to the pairings schedule decided on Sunday evening), this meant that information about these games had to be smuggled out of the playing hall for the waiting parents, coaches and well-wishers.

First blood went to the Irish, as Alfie Onslow on board 2 lost on the black side of a tense Benko Gambit. Lucy Bennet-Stevens held a solid draw as Black on board 6, and George Ivanov managed to neutralize his opponent’s initiative to win a rook and pawn endgame on 4. Dominic Miller’s last-minute opening prep before the game seem to have paid off, as he converted a piece for 2 pawns advantage in the endgame, leaving the score at 2.5-1.5 with just 2 games remaining. 1 out of 2 would secure the title.

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English Youth Grand Prix 2016-17

The English Youth Grand Prix 2016-17 is now underway with twenty-four titles available from ages 7-18 years old, a prize of £100 for each winner and the opportunity to play for England in an international tournament.

To participate in the English Youth Grand Prix 2016-17 and qualify for the titles:

  • You must be aged 7-18 next birthday at 31 December 2016 (i.e. your year of birth will be between 1999-2010).
  • You should renew or take out a Junior Membership of the ECF for the year from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017. Information on joining the ECF or renewing an existing membership can be found here and here.  If you have not previously been a member of the ECF then you may take out one year’s free Junior Silver Membership.
  • Play in a minimum of three qualifying tournaments.

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Glorney – Round Four report

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Glorney 2016

— from Jo Wildman

After a break for a buffet lunch, a bit of fresh air and a few fun games of ‘brain and hand’ chess in the Stokes room, all the England team assembled for the afternoon round ready to do battle once again. In this round, the England Rooks team took on Scotland whilst the England Bishops played against Ireland.

Glorney Rooks played very well with a strong strategic win for Michael Ashworth.  In the Bishops team Matthew Forster won with a checking attack on the queen side. The Gilbert Rooks had a fantastic round with all three girls scored strong wins, with an impressive and very long opposite colour bishop endgame from Zoe Varney which sealed the first place position for the team.  The Gilbert Bishops also had a convincing win against the Irish team.

An early strategic win from Alfie Onslow set the scene for the Robinson Rooks …

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Glorney – team pictures

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