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Final pictures – WYCC 2015

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Day 13 – WYCC (Round 11)

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Today is an early start for the whole England Team. The weather remains fine and for the older players, it is a final stroll/mini-train ride to the venue. Inside the atmosphere is buzzing with parents and loved ones taking last minute photos. Our players are easily spotted wearing their smart team shirts for one last game. Good luck messages are conveyed and then once everyone has left the hall, the final games commence on time, at 10am.

Today saw another inter-team pairing – and so once again our maximum score is 22.  Despite being the last round, the majority of England players had long games showing determination till the end. This commitment paid off, with the official ECF Team scoring 12 points; over half marks (55%).

For the boys there were individual wins for Adam, Michael, Koby, Girinath, Ilya, Dhruv and Savin; for the girls, Thivyaa and Nilomi.

Our top scorers of the tournament were Akshaya and Nilomi on 7/11 with Adam, Aditya, Dhruv and Savin close behind on 6.5/11. England had a further 8 players on 50% or more. Overall for the 11 rounds we scored 51% which considering we had a number of players new to International tournaments,was a significant achievement.

Well done to all the players, parents and coaches for making this such a fantastic trip – we hope to emulate such success in the future!

A safe trip home to all concerned. The full (summarised) table of results is shown below —

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Day 12 – WYCC (Round 10)

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CSJPIl4WsAAUUTAIt is the penultimate round today. Participants (from all delegations) are starting to show signs of fatigue given we are now on Round 10. The schedule is tough, especially for the youngsters – some of whom are not yet acclimatised to such gruelling, long competitions. However the atmosphere within our team remains positive and the players (and parents) continue to show both commitment and determination.

Today saw our first inter-team pairing – always unwelcome, however we have been somewhat lucky that this was the first occurrence for the England Team. Our maximum score therefore could only be 22.  The Team scored 10 points today which is a slight dip on previous rounds (45%).

For the boys there were individual wins for Adam, Nugith, Anantha, Nikolai, Sacha, Ranesh and Savin; for the girls, Nilomi. Akshaya is now on 6.5/10 with Nugith, Aditya and Nilomi now on 6. England has a further 7 players on 5.5 points.

As the last round starts tomorrow at 10am, coaching for 4 players in the morning is not really practical. The coaches worked on into the evening preparing some of their students after dinner to leave space in the morning for others – a big thank you to Glenn, John, Neil, Sarah, Ravi and Lorin for your efforts!

The message to our players is – one final big effort for Round 11. Give your very best!

More WYCC pictures

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Day 11 – WYCC (Round 9)

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Another beautiful day here in Porto Carras – the hottest day so far, it’s hard to believe it’s actually November! Several of the England Delegation took the opportunity to visit the beach adjacent to the hotel for a short break between morning coaching and the games/evening analysis – all come back refreshed and energised.

With some tough draws for our players today, there is no let-up in the on-going daily pressures. However all 6 of our coaches are preparing for their team’s opponents the evening before which means that their students get the full benefit of their hour coaching session the next day – an excellent approach which has been welcomed by parents and players alike.

Today the official ECF England drops to 23 as Louise (U18 Girls) due to University commitments, has had to return home early. Today the Team scored 11.5/23 which almost unbelievably is yet another 50% score!

For the boys there were individual wins for Michael, Nugith, Aditya (his 5th in a row!) Alex, Ilya and Dhruv. For the girls, there were wins for Laura and Nilomi.

Aditya (U12 boys) now joins Akshaya as leading points scorers on 6/9 with Dhruv close behind on 5.5/9.

The penultimate round starts tomorrow (4/11/15) at 3pm local time.