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English Youth Grand Prix 2016

The English Youth Grand Prix 2016 is now underway with twenty-four titles available from ages 7-18 years old, a prize of £100 for each winner and the opportunity to play for England in an international tournament.

To participate in the English Youth Grand Prix 2016 and qualify for the titles:

  • You must be aged between 7-18 years old in 2016 (year of birth 1998-2009).
  • You should renew or take out a Junior Membership of the ECF for the year from 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016. Information on joining the ECF or renewing an existing membership can be found here. If you have not previously been a member of the ECF then you may take out one year’s free Junior Silver Membership.
  • Play in a minimum of three qualifying tournaments.

Full details, including information on the qualifying tournaments and sections, can be found in the English Youth Grand Prix Rules 2016. Note that ECF Junior Members who are FIDE-registered with other national federations are not eligible to participate in the English Youth Grand Prix.

The opportunity to play in an international tournament is subject to the rules of the Junior Selection Policy. The 2016 Junior Selection Policy and an associated Expression of Interest Form will be published later in the year on this website.

For children aged between 7-16 years old in 2016 (year of birth 2000-2009), the British Chess Championships at the University of Warwick in Coventry from 25 July to 8 August 2015 include the first qualifying junior events for this year’s English Youth Grand Prix. Information on the British Chess Championships can be found here.

The English Youth Grand Prix 2016 is generously sponsored by the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust.

– Traci Whitfield, Director of Junior Chess and Education


European Schools in Konya – prizegiving

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Konya 2015

Round 9 Final Report from the European Schools in Konya

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Konya 2015

– from Andrew Martin

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England Final Scores


Anum Sheikh 7/9 3rd outright – Bronze Medal
Jonah Willow 6/9
Anisha Sawhney, AdityaMunshi  5.5/9
Ezra Brass, Bobby Akeya-Price, Amardip Ahluwalia  5/9
Nicolai Woltery 4.5/9
Thivyaa Rahulan 4/9
Darshan Kumaresan, Yang Jian Zhou, Helen Archer-Lock 3.5/9
Anaya Popat 3/9
Victoria Sit 2.5/9

Total score 63.5/126. Plus one, but this includes a default, which brings us incredibly to 62.5/125 – exactly 50%!

This has been a very harmonious trip with coaches, parents, children and officials all getting on very well indeed.  We must surely congratulate Anum on an outstanding performance, but all the children gave their best and deserve praise.

Thank you to our Turkish friends for superb hospitality and efficiency, and a safe journey home to all …


Round 8 Report from the European Schools in Konya

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Konya 2015

– from Glenn Flear

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In the penultimate round, the English squad scored 7½/14.

There were two winners amongst the girls: Anum, continuing her fine form (in a tense middlegame she out-calculated her opponent to win a piece) and Anisha, whose bishops were too strong for her opponent.

The four winners amongst the lads were Aditya (who gradually built-up an advantage from an insipid opening), Darshan (whose King’s-Indian-bishop-pair tormented his opponent’s knights), Bobby (who outmanoeuvred his opponent in an opposite-coloured bishop middlegame) and Ezra (whose opponent faced up to the Dragon and was duly burnt).

Three players drew, and of these Helen and Jonah were both close to winning. Nicolai made his fifth draw, which takes some doing in a tournament where draw offers are not allowed until move 40!

One more round to go at 8am (UK time) on Thursday. Remember that the games can be seen live on the official website, so why not support our efforts for a final day push in our quest for further fine victories?


Round 7 Report from the European Schools in Konya

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Konya 2015

– from Andrew Martin

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What are the qualities most needed to succeed in the modern game?  I can tell you that one of the most important is the need to be robust. Fragile personalities need not apply, or at least have to find a way of toughening up.

This is because the level of technique and understanding has risen to an all-time high, where even little kids can play a powerful and gruelling game. I have seen it with my own eyes here.  Even midgets know how to keep the game going and they will grind you down if necessary!

So it is very pleasing to report that in the second round of the  day England has scored an excellent  and confident 9/14. Winners were Bobby, Anum (now 5/7), Vickie, Amardip (now 5/7), Anaya, Helen and Thivyaa with draw for Nicolai, Anisha, Jonah and Yang-Jian.

We now move to the business end of the tournament and the time when strong players go up through the gears.  Let’s hope the team repeats this success tomorrow and the day after.

In fact, why not go even better?