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Round 7 Report from the European Schools in Konya

– from Andrew Martin

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What are the qualities most needed to succeed in the modern game?  I can tell you that one of the most important is the need to be robust. Fragile personalities need not apply, or at least have to find a way of toughening up.

This is because the level of technique and understanding has risen to an all-time high, where even little kids can play a powerful and gruelling game. I have seen it with my own eyes here.  Even midgets know how to keep the game going and they will grind you down if necessary!

So it is very pleasing to report that in the second round of the  day England has scored an excellent  and confident 9/14. Winners were Bobby, Anum (now 5/7), Vickie, Amardip (now 5/7), Anaya, Helen and Thivyaa with draw for Nicolai, Anisha, Jonah and Yang-Jian.

We now move to the business end of the tournament and the time when strong players go up through the gears.  Let’s hope the team repeats this success tomorrow and the day after.

In fact, why not go even better?

Round 6 Report from the European Schools in Konya

– from Glenn Flear

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The games are lasting longer as the players are now meeting similar-strength opposition. Nicolai won quickly (cashing-in on a sloppy opening from his opponent), but just about everyone else had long drawn out struggles. Yang-Jian, yet again, was last to finish, but despite his efforts he couldn’t avoid the loss.

Overall, the squad managed 6½/14. The other winners were Anum (outplayed her opponent from an equal middlegame), Jonah (he crashed through on the dark squares) and Aditya (won a pawn early, but it was always complicated).

There were five draws this time: Anisha (difficult position, but good resistance), Thivyaa (solid throughout), Darshan (up-and-down), Robert (it started well, but then the scoresheet lost its clarity!), and Amardip (blundered away half-a-point).

The team now has to settle down from all the strong emotions and prepare itself for the next round later this evening

Konya – team photo

Round 5 Report from the European Schools in Konya

– from Andrew Martin

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Rd 5 of the European Schools has been a tough session for the England Juniors, who have managed 5.5/13 so far with Yang-Jian once again the lone warrior battling on into the evening.

This was a difficult round for our leading scores and Aditya Munshi, Ezra Brass and Anum Sheikh all lost, although each of the games could have gone the other way. It will be a test of composure to recover and come back strongly in Rd 6.

On the bright side there were wins for Thivyaa, Jonah, Anisha and Anaya as well as draws for Bobby, Amardip and Nicolai

The rest day comes tomorrow and is a chance to relax and recharge. An optional trip is planned into Konya, but do bear in mind that trips can  be tiring, giving a deceptive holiday flavour to what should be a serious chess tournament. I really do feel that rest should mean rest, but try explaining that to children or parents who need a break from the confines of the hotel.

The mood is still good and the organisation of the tournament exemplary. I congratulate our Turkish hosts on such a well-run event.

Photos from Konya