Chess Moves

Chess Moves
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FIDE World Schools Individual Chess Championships 2015

Click here for a PDF of a recent letter sent from the ECF to parents of children attending this event. Discussion is invited on the ECF Forum –

English Youth Grand Prix 2015 – Final Standings

This year’s English Youth Grand Prix has now finished and the final standings can be found by following the links above [Play > English Youth Grand Prix] or click here.  To see a list of the 2015 champions go to Champions > English Youth or click here.

Congratulations to all the section champions, who worked very hard to achieve their titles and prizes. The standard of play by participants in the championships was high and competition for the titles fierce. I will be watching the progress of all those who took part with interest and wish them well with their chess in the coming year. I am delighted to see the success of the English Youth Grand Prix and heartily thank the controllers, Charles and Christine Golding, for all their time and endeavours this year on behalf of the ECF and those who took part.

– Traci Whitfield, Director of Junior Chess and Education

Manchester Junior Chess – Rybnik, Poland Easter Tour

A party of children from Manchester have visited Rybnik, Poland to play chess against children from a school in Rybnik. Rybnik is about two hours from Krakow and is in the industrial region close to Silesia, most famous for its coal mines. The school is one of four chess schools in Poland that has a responsibility to promote chess. Their children figure every year as winners in Polish Junior Championships.

The Manchester party included:
Tom Green, Chorlton Chess Club; Robert McLean, Three C’s Chess Club; George Harman, Worsley Chess Club; Rachel Horton, Three C’s Chess Club; Rachel Topping, Worsley Chess Club

The children played two matches against Rybnik on standard play times. Unhappily we lost both by the score of 1-4; this probably flatters the Rybnik team, but they were clearly stronger. Good wins from Tom Green and Robert McLean were the highlights.

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The party also enjoyed some sightseeing and a rapidplay event with the whole of the school chess club. On the final afternoon all the children played “Fun Chess” trying different variants of the game.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Rybnik Chess Club. A dedicated room in a community centre adorned with photographs of past champions from the club, trophies and high quality chess sets and boards available for club members 24/7, all paid for by the local government.

Report from Frydek-Mistek

– from Peter Purland

At Easter a team of 18 players and 3 adults made our usual trip to the tournament of young talents at Frydek Mistek in the Czech Republic. This was the 37th event, and the biggest for many years, with over 350 players from 15 countries. As 17 of our players were in the U15s, opportunities for prizes was limited, but nevertheless we had two in the top five. James Moreby, although only 31 days too old for the U12s won the event, being unbeaten with 7/8 whilst, a point behind, Callum Brewer was 4th.

As well as the chess, we had a good social programme – swimming and playing soccer as well as shopping, visiting the Anselm mine in Ostrava and the Tatra Museum in Kopravnice. All in all an excellent week when the players were a credit to their country.

Commonwealth Chess Championships

The Commonwealth Chess Championship will take place in Delhi, India from 22 to 30 June 2015.

Each Commonwealth country is eligible to  field one man, one woman, one senior (over 60), one junior girl (under 20), one junior boy (under 20) and one boy and girl each in U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 as official entrats.  Their board and lodging will be provided free in a five star hotel.

If you wish to apply for a place with free accommodation, please let the ECF Office know by 2 April 2015.

The ECF will not be organising a formal Junior Delegation to this event, but we will register players if they wish to organise going themselves.