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Glorney Cup 2015 – Day 3

– from Chris Howell

A very exciting day in prospect with England narrowly/jointly leading 3 of the 4 events and with an outside chance of overtaking Ireland in the fourth – so all to play for!

Round 5: Wednesday 22/7/2015 am versus Scotland

A quick note on each of the games:


  • Omeet surprised his opponent with the Sniper, netted 2 pawns and solid defence netted a great win as his opponent’s time and position deteriorated.
  • Oli misplayed the opening slightly and wisely took a quick draw in a potentially difficult position.
  • Ben also had a quick draw where his opponent’s doubled pawns gave him some useful open lines in compensation.
  • Tim played an enterprising piece sacrifice in the opening and won his piece back with a won ending which he converted neatly.
  • Max saw his kingside collapse under a vicious attack, sacked material to survive, nearly grabbed a draw a rook down, won some material back but went down in a close ending
  • Teddy played a good steady game and took advantage of a suicidal king advance by his opponent to get a winning ending and duly won it.
  • But Wales’ fine win against Ireland put them half-a-point ahead of us going into the final round!


  • Harry drummed up a strong king-side attack for a slight material deficit but could not quite break through and went down in time trouble.
  • Alfie developed a slight initiative on the black side of a Benko but could make no headway and the endgame was always drawn.
  • Jake played a nice game but could not win a slightly better ending as black.
  • Elliot tried everything to win his ending but also had to settle for a draw.
  • Matthew lost control of the c-file early on resulting in a lost pawn and despite stout resistance eventually went down in an endgame.
  • Alex won a classic queen-side majority endgame efficiently, a really good performance.
  • The Irish extended their lead to six points meaning that a good second place was now the realistic aim for our Robinson team.

In the Glorney:

  • Ollie had a typical king’s Indian Attack game where black’s queen-side activity balanced white’s king-side attack and a draw was the result.
  • John broke through with a lovely sacrificial attack and consolidated his extra material to win convincingly.
  • Daniel played a brilliancy on the black side of the King’s Indian – “the best game of my life!”
  • Michael neutralised a slight initiative for his opponent and gained a comfortable draw.
  • Joseph had a nice plus throughout and finished with a neat tactic for another win.

Despite this superb 4-1 win the Irish edged up to us with a 4.5 – 0.5 win themselves.

In the Gilbert:

  • Katherine won another long game in fine positional style to move to a superb 4.5/5.
  • Emily obtained a lovely attacking position with a choice of good continuations and won nicely with a winning rook sacrifice.
  • Zoe achieved a solid draw on the black side of the Gruenfeld.

The excellent score of 2.5 was matched by the Irish to leave it all square in this tournament too!

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Glorney Cup 2015 – more photographs

– thanks to Anna Gallagher

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Glorney Cup 2015 – photographs

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Glorney Cup 2015 – Day 2

– from Mike Forster

Round 3: Tuesday 21st am

A quick note on each of the games:

· Omeet wins a pawn in the opening with an interesting double attack after a surprise in the opening. White later builds up compensation with a strong attack and a better bishop. Omeet does well to swap queens and draw the ending.
· Oli Howell has an early attack on opposite wings starting after his opponent castled long with pleasant prospects. After some unclear middle game play black ended up with a better double rook endgame – but after allowing white to get doubled rooks on the 7th his position became indefensible.
· Ben found a nice tactic to win a pawn against a castled king, but white had compensation on the white squares with a strong knight outpost on f5 – and ended up with a better knight against bishop ending with enough to draw despite the pawn minus.
· Tim was ok out the opening – with a balanced position and the game went on to a draw in a rook and pawn ending.
· Max faced a challenging pawn storm on the kingside and had to defend well to survive. He ended up an outside pawn down in a rook and pawn ending, where his opponent found a good plan to force the rooks off and win.
·  Teddy achieved a nice initiative out of the opening and his opponent played well to reach a rook end-game where black was slightly worse.
·  A final score of 3-3 left England with a 1 point lead over Wales.

· Harry as black ended up with a weak c pawn and ended up sacrificing his Queen for Rook and Piece. In the end lacked enough compensation.
· Alfie got a reasonable position out the opening but his opponent achieved a central pawn break under favourable circumstances to wrest the initiative.
· Jake faced some problems against a strong white bishop raking the long diagonal, and ended up sacrificing a pawn to try and get some activity. His opponent played well to make the most of the two bishops and his passed e-pawn.
· Elliot sacrificed a pawn for the initiative, but his opponent managed to consolidate with some strong central pawns and a well-placed central knight.
· Matthew made an interesting piece sacrifice in the opening which was probably not sound, but he managed to regain the piece with some activity for a pawn. A complex middle-game position ensued where black played well to achieve a draw.
· Alex as white developed a strong attack on the kingside while the centre was blocked and with both kings reserving their flight options by remaining on their original squares well into the middle-game.  Alex was the first to commit by castling long and developed a ferocious attack, which black did very well to survive. The game just ending in a draw after an attractive looking line just failed to win.
· The Irish ending in worth winners this round by a 5-1 score – taking them into 6.5 point lead after three rounds.

In the Glorney
· Ollie resisted strong white play in the Kan opening for many moves and played very well to draw with his FM opponent.
· Michael played well against an opponent who achieved a space advantage with the two bishops, with an eventual draw where a “bad bishop” was locking in a “bad knight”.
· As white John achieved a satisfactory Bishop and Knight + double rook ending, but black won a central pawn and played well to finish.
· Daniel developed a ferocious initiative in a double rook and bishop ending, and his opponent did very well to hold the draw.
· Joseph lured his opponent into the crosshairs of his speciality opening, and then varied on his round 2 game to escape from any preparation. A very nice mating finish for Joseph to conclude in a 2.5 all draw leaving England just ½ point behind the Irish leaders.

In the Gilbert
· In Katherine’s game a complex opening position arose where white had a missed opportunity – whereupon black established a good bishop and Queen ending with strong pressure against the exposed white king and a nice winning endgame for black.
· Emily played a very solid game as white, taking no risks, and her black opponent was equally careful to secure a draw.
· In Zoe’s game white achieved very active pieces attacking the white king, and eventually crashed through with a nice queen sacrifice. The final score of 1.5 each leaving England with a 1 point lead after 3 rounds.

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